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Conscious Governance, Nonprofit Strategic Planning for CEO's, Executives, and Nonprofit Boards.

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2015 Series 2 Hangouts with Steven Bowman

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#1   New Ways of Creating Your Board Induction Experience - Wed 8th July 2015  3pm - 4:30pm AEST

#2   Developing Strategic Board Agendas That Work -  Tue 21st July 2015  16:00am – 17:30am AEST

#3   Dealing With Difficult Directors - Wed 19 August 2015  10:00am – 11:30am AEST

#4   Re-imagining The Role Of Board Sub-Committees - Tue 8th September 2015  10:00am – 11:30am AEST

The inaugural 1st Series received unanimous praise from a global audience.

Advanced Strategy, Risk & Governance Masterclasses

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Melbourne                             Friday 21 August 2015

 Sydney                                  Monday 24 August 2015 

 Brisbane                               Friday 28 August 2015

These Masterclasses will shake long-held beliefs about strategy, risk and governance. CEOs, senior executives, Chairs and Board members should not miss this event.

 Would you and your board benefit from the renewal of energy and the skills to become even more strategic and innovative?

Do you have new Board members who would benefit from the latest in strategic thinking and governance practices?

Would you like the latest and most powerful strategies to get your board truly engaged and making the decisions that create the desired future for the community you serve?

 This is a Masterclass in the truest sense of the word.  Even the most experienced nonprofit leaders and board members will walk away with new ideas that can be put into practice your first day back in the office.

ACHG Members: Innovation in the Boardroom Invitation


Chief Executive Quick Guide : Advanced Strategic Planning - PDF eBOOK

Nonprofit Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning that works for Nonprofit Boards and Leaders

What would it take for your nonprofit strategic plan to be truly strategic?

Do you want to know how to embed the strategic plan into all facets of your organisation and get amazing buy-in from Board, staff and stakeholders?

Do you want a process that is quick, focused and provides step-by-step guidelines that result in a strategic plan that is accountable and measurable?

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Chief Executive Quick Guide : Strategic Risk Management - PDF eBOOK

Risk as Strategic Advantage for Nonprofit Leaders


Risk as Strategic Advantage for Nonprofit Leaders

What if risk was totally different to what most people thought it was?

What if risk was actually strategic advantage, hidden potential opportunity and the source of amazing innovation? If the organization chose to view risk from this point of view, how would staff view risk, and how would risk be identified and managed?

This e-book demystifies risk management and provides 67 pages of thought provoking strategies and practical tools that will facilitate risk management within your nonprofit organization, available immediately to download.


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PDF e-BOOK - Available immediately to download

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Stanford Discussions with William Ryan - The nonprofit board governance literature has suggested that boards are unclear about their roles and responsibilities. In response to this issue, nonprofit boards have been presented with more and more detailed and restrictive job descriptions. For William Ryan, a consultant to foundations and nonprofit organizations and research fellow at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University, the lack of clarity isn't the only culprit for the...


Oneof the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations today is their dearth of strong leaders – a problem that’s only going to get worse as the sector expands and baby boom executives retire. Recent research undertaken by the Bridgespan group has shown an estimated annual growth in the number of nonprofit organizations of 6%. Over the next decade nonprofit organizations will need to find some 640,000 new nonprofit executives, nearly two and a half times the number currently employed. Read More...

International roundtable on 5 most important steps nonprofit organizations should take given the uncertainties of the economy.

Featured Interview:
Todd Baker (U.S.) Steven Bowman (Australia) Nathan Garber (Canada) Gail S. Meltzer, CFRE (U.S.) Stephen Nill, J.D., GPC (U.S.) Robyn Fern Perlman (U.S.) Terrie Temkin, Ph.D. (U.S.)
I was pleased to be invited to participate in an international roundtable discussion focusing on the five most important steps nonprofit...


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Board Insights offers board directors and executives practical tips and insights to govern organizations more consciously and effectively. This eBook is a new innovation in reading that blends a book with engaging videos into one platform.

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New video ebook: “No More Risk as Usual”, a new innovation in reading that blends a book with engaging videos into one platform. This eBook takes the pain out of risk management.

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"Our Vision is to create a community where nonprofit leaders function from strategic awareness. We value sharing of information, facilitating strategic awareness in all we do, and functioning from a space of prosperity."
Steven Bowman