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Internal Audits Policy - Sample

Internal audits for the (NAME) are to be conducted periodically in accordance with the Internal Audit Schedule. The Internal Auditor is to conduct these audits with relevant staff members.


- The Internal Auditor shall audit the relevant department/program in accordance with the Internal Audit Schedule. An audit pro forma has been developed for each program

- Desktop/Shortcut to Quality/Administration/Standard Documents/ Internal Audit). The Internal Auditor is to print the required audit form and use it along with the relevant procedure to conduct the audit.

- All audit results are to be recorded on the audit form.

- The original audit form is to be filed, a copy of the audit is to be attached to an audit report and passed to the Team Manager.

- It is NOT the responsibility of the Internal Auditor to find solutions or action any opportunities for improvement or non-conformances. The Internal Auditor is to conduct the audit and report on the outcomes.

- The respective Team Manager is to address all opportunities for improvement or non-conformances that are highlighted in the audit report. This can be done with in the team or if the issues are major they must be highlighted in the Team Managers’ meetings.

- All actions/follow ups must be documented and feedback is to be given to the Internal Auditor.

- If necessary a follow up audit is scheduled at an agreed time to review the issues and ensure that the changes have being implemented successfully.

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